Healing Gemstones


Most people think they have one or two birthstones, like the aquamarine for March. But a more in-depth reading of your birth chart uncovers many more stones—about 14 in all—corresponding to your life themes and more intricate facets of who you are as a person.


All the information about these stones can be used in various ways to enhance your life: your mind, body, heart, and soul.


These 14 gemstones represent the most favorable stones in your birth chart for the 10 classical planets, your Moon Nodes, your Ascendant, and Chiron. The gemstones I choose for you depend on what sign and house position the planets are in on your chart and how they are aligned with each other. Your gemstone profile is completely individual, unlike anyone else’s, because it corresponds to the exact moment of your birth.



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You can find out about your true Power Gems (birthstones) for different subjects in your life like Love, Self-Esteem, Abundance, and so on…







Gemstone Profile


Get a complete report of your 14 gemstones that are your true birthstones. These will be your main healing and most important gemstones.


Your personal list of gems will include about 20 pages of in-depth information based on your astrological horoscope. This will serve as an excellent foundation for your healing work, using gems with jewelry or meditation.


All this for only $19.99.







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